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We have assembled a number of helpful resources for your use during the term of your tenancy. From this page you can submit an online maintenance request or update your contact information. Many additional items and information are available for download as .PDF files (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these forms). Check back often as we continue to add new resources to assist you throughout your tenancy…...

***** Click Here to Access Your Rental Account Online *****
From this portal, you'll be able to view your account information (balance due, open charges, security deposits held, etc), display your transaction history and make payments using a credit card or checking account. If you haven't yet estalished your online account, contact Jenny M Latta at 816.874.4173 to obtain your Location ID, Username and Password.

ePay Authorization Form
We are happy to be able to provide a new and convenient option for payment of your monthly rental account by recurring ACH Credit to either your checking account or credit card account. This service saves you time, postage and possible late fees by insuring that your payments are made easily and on time. Download, print, complete and fax or mail this form to our office.

Important Phone Number & Web Links
A list of local phone numbers and web site links to utility and related services.

Complete Your Move-In Checklist
To ensure that you are not charged for any wear that already exists at the property when you move-in, it is very important that you provide our office with a detailed list of any discrepancies that your find within 5 days after your lease start date. Download and print this form to list discrepancies, then fax to (816) 228-3308 or mail to our office.

Review Our Policies and Procedures
Our Policies and Procedures address most day-to-day activities involving your tenancy, such as helpful advice and tips, move-in checklists, rent collection, maintenance requests, lockout procedures, pet policies, pest control, renters insurance, breaking a lease, move-out guidelines and more. Download and print a copy for your review.

Maintenance Troubleshooting Tips
Our Troubleshooting Tips help you self-diagnose and correct many simple and routine maintenance issues, saving you time and possibly money by avoiding a chargeable maintenance service call for items defined as tenant responsibility under the terms of your tenancy agreement. Download and print a copy of this document for your review.

Online Maintenance Request
Submit up to three (3) separate non-emergency maintenance or repair requests online right now (or print this Maintenance Request Form to mail or fax to our office). If you have an EMERGENCY sfter 5PM weekdays or over the weekend and the repair cannot wait until normal business hours, call (855) 559-5525

Online Contact Info Update
To keep us up-to-date, submit your new employment and vehicle info, phone numbers and email addresses online right now. (or print this Contact Info Update Form to mail or fax to our office)

Terminate Your Tenancy
Don't want to renew your current lease when it expires? Remember that you must provide a WRITTEN notice of your intent to vacate AT LEAST 30 DAYS prior to the end of your lease. If you wish to terminate a month-to-month tenancy, you must provide a WRITTEN notice of your intent to vacate NO LATER THAN THE 1 ST DAY OF ANY MONTH, for termination on the last day of the same month. Download this form for your use in compliance with this requirement.

Move-Out Planner
We’re sorry to lose you as our tenant, but we want to offer you help in planning your move so we can get your deposit refund settlement issued as quickly as possible after your move-out. Using this planner will ensure all requirements for a successful move-out inspection are addressed and scheduled. Download, print and use this planner for a “smooth move”.

Cleaning Checklist
Once again, we want to offer you some helpful guidelines to ensure a successful move-out inspection. This checklist itemizes each area of the property which needs attention during the final cleaning process. Download this checklist to maximize your deposit settlement refund.

Approved Vendors for a Successful Move-Out Inspection
Your lease agreement requires the use of “approved vendors” for certain services to be performed at the time you vacate the property. This includes (1) carpet cleaning after the property is completely vacant and (2) flea and tick spraying if you had a dog or cat. You must provide a paid receipt for these services no later than the last day of your lease or when you turn in keys if sooner. Failure to provide a paid receipt will result in us arranging those services at your expense, including a 10% handling charge per service.


Please Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print our documents. If you do not have Acrobat, click here for a free download.

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