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In order to clarify responsibilities of all parties and to avoid misunderstandings, this document sets forth the policies and procedures we adhere to in adhering to the requirements of the lease agreement you have signed. Your compliance with all the terms and conditions of the lease agreement is required for full refund of your deposit at the time you eventually move out.

(1)                The written lease you are signing constitutes the entire agreement for the property you are renting through our firm. Any verbal representations made by our agents or staff are not binding unless included within the written tenancy agreement you are signing.

(2)                 Though we believe the property to be clean and ready for occupancy, minor items are occasionally overlooked. It is your responsibility to inspect the property thoroughly and provide us with a written list of any and all defects found within 3 days after lease commencement. If you believe any items need addressed by our cleaning or maintenance staff, we will attempt to correct such items promptly upon receipt of a separate written "Maintenance Request". No repairs or maintenance (except for emergencies) will be authorized without a written "Maintenance Request".

(3)                 It is your responsibility to keep all drains running freely, by avoiding items such as hair, tampons or sanitary napkins, eggshells, all pastas, vegetable skins (especially potato) and grease which can easily clog drain lines.  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE DRANO OR SIMILAR PRODUCTS, as these products contain acidic materials which destroy drain pipes over a period of time and also cause you to incur an additional “ACID” charge should professional drain cleaning service be required. Regular household bleach poured down all your drains once a month helps to keep drains running freely and also keeps them fresh smelling. If you are unable to clear a drain blockage yourself, you may contact our maintenance department but you will be billed for the cost of clearing the blockage unless the cause is identified as a failure of the owner’s drain line system such as collapsed lines or tree roots.

(4)                 In the event you are locked out of your unit, you may come to our office during business hours and pickup a replacement key for $10. If you request our staff to meet you at the property to provide access during business hours, you will be billed a service charge of $75. During non-business hours, you will need to contact a locksmith to gain access at your expense, but under no circumstances may the locks be changed or re-keyed.

(5)                 Rent is due in full on the 1st day of each month. Late fees are assessed and collected on any rent paid after the 5th day of each month. All payments received in our office after the 10th of the month must be in certified funds - no personal checks. If rent or late fees remain unpaid after the 15th of the month, our owner requires us to transfer your account to our attorney for legal eviction in the Associate Circuit Court. Once sent to our attorney, you will incur an additional $300 - $400 in legal fees and costs, which must be paid along with all past due rent and other fees if you desire to “re-instate” your tenancy.

(6)                 All requests for maintenance or repairs to your unit must be submitted in writing, by fax, by email or from our web site. We make every effort to have our maintenance personnel at your unit within 7 working days (within 24 hours in emergency situations). When you request maintenance, providing a “detailed” description of the problem will assist us in responding with the appropriate service technician. We try to respond to all reasonable service requests, however some items are considered tenant responsibility including (a) most clogged drains, (b) jammed disposals, (c) tripped breakers, (d) furnace filter changes every 3 months, (e) torn screens, broken glass or door jambs, (f) gas pilot lights and (g) service calls for equipment found to be operating within normal parameters. Tenants in single family homes have additional responsibilities including (a) maintenance and trimming of shrubbery/landscaping and (b) keeping gutters/downspouts clean and clear. Maintenance costs for service to items described above as tenant responsibility will be charged to and payable by you, the tenant.

(7)                 If your lease does not specifically allow pets, then no pets are permitted !! We consider all animals as pets, including dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards – pretty much anything living or breathing other than humans or plants. We will permit a maximum of two caged birds or fish in a covered aquarium without additional deposit. The quickest way to forfeit your deposit and find yourself in court is to allow any animal into your unit without prior written permission. This means no pets, no strays and no pet sitting for your sister’s pet even for “just the weekend”. If you want to bring a pet into your unit, you MUST get permission in writing and pay the required deposit BEFORE bringing it home.

(8)                 We do not provide extermination services for ants, spiders, silverfish, birds, squirrels, rodents or other wild creatures. We do not provide roach extermination services except in 4plex or apartment buildings. We will treat for termites, carpenter ants or other wood destroying insects.

(9)                 Neither the owner nor our firm carries insurance to cover your furnishings or personal property against loss (regardless of the cause). To protect your property, you are strongly encouraged to purchase "Renters Insurance".

(10) At the time you move out of the unit, we expect the unit to be surrendered just as you are receiving it today. Charges incurred to restore the unit to the same condition as that which you find it today will be billed to you and deducted from your deposit.

(a)                 Do not use nails or screws in any doors or trim. Do not use large nails or wall anchors in walls – only small picture hangers. If you have lived in the unit less than 2 years, painting expenses (other than very minor touchup) will be billed to your account. If you have lived in the unit more than 2 years, painting will be at the landlord’s expense except in the case of extensive abuse. 

(b)                   Proper bulbs must be used in all fixtures – this means flood bulbs in recessed fixtures, globe bulbs in vanity light bars, appliance bulbs in appliances and standard 60w bulbs in standard fixtures. Improper, missing or bad bulbs will be replaced and billed to your account

(c)                   Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers have been provided for your family’s safety – it is your responsibility to maintain fresh batteries through the term of your tenancy.

(d)                   All keys and any garage operator transmitters must be returned to our office or left on the kitchen counter once you have completed your move-out from the property.

(e)                   The HVAC system has been serviced prior to your occupancy. Should you fail to change furnace filters at least every 3 months during your tenancy, the HVAC system will need serviced when you vacate and you will be held responsible for that cost plus any damages caused to the system by your neglect.

(f)                     Range top should be wiped down with new drip pans installed and the oven should be cleaned and wiped out. Refrigerator should be wiped down inside and outside, including top, back and underneath.

(g)                   Bath fixtures should be cleaned and disinfected, mirrors and light fixtures cleaned, cabinets and drawers wiped out and floors mopped.

(h)                   Wipe down ceiling fans, light fixtures, window sills, mini-blinds and woodwork. If your unit has a fireplace, be sure to clean out any ashes and wood.

(i)                     The carpeting in your unit is either new or was professionally cleaned prior to your occupancy. At the end of your tenancy, it is your responsibility to have the carpets professionally cleaned by an approved carpet cleaning company and free of stains or odors.

(k)                   If you had a dog or cat at the premises, it is your responsibility to have the residence and yard treated for fleas by an approved pest control company at the end of your tenancy.


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