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At LATTA Real Estate Services, Inc., maintenance of the properties we manage is of the utmost importance. Maintenance and upkeep is not only the responsibility of the property owner, but also the tenant through prompt reporting of maintenance issues and tenant responsibility for minor maintenance issues.

Before submitting any request for maintenance or repairs, please review the Troubleshooting Tips and Policies and Procedures section of your lease agreement for help in self-diagnosis and repair of many common maintenance issues.

To help us respond promptly to your maintenance request, provide a detailed description of each problem. A statement such as “my plumbing leaks” gives very little helpful information. Be specific by stating details such as “the sink faucet in the ½ bath drips and won’t shut off completely” or “the toilet in the full bath runs continuously and won’t shut off”.

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Fax this request to (816) 228-3308 or mail to LATTA Office. We make every effort to respond to non-emergency repair or maintenance requests within 7 days after receipt of the written request. Our service technicians and outside contractors are carefully screened and insured and perform such maintenance and repairs from 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.

Before submitting this request, we have reviewed the Troubleshooting Tips and Policies and Procedures regarding our maintenance responsibilities as tenants. If we requested to be present when services are performed, a service call will be scheduled by LATTA for the requested time frame and we will be notified at least one day in advance.We understand and agree that we will be charged (a) for any work completed by service personnel or contractors which is our responsibility under the terms of our tenancy agreement and (b) a $60 service call if we fail to meet the service technician during the scheduled time frame. No further service appointments will be scheduled until such charges are paid in full.

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